Months after the Death Star’s destruction and the first major victory for the Alliance to Restore the Republic, the outer rim becomes a hot bed of activity. Forces begin to stir in the wake of the super weapon’s demise. Seemingly mundane events transpire in the far reaches of the outer rim that start a chain reaction, sweeping unsuspecting people in its path leading towards something grand. The destinies of many have now become entwined.

Welcome to my persistent and ever changing Star Wars RPG campaign. Using Fantasy Flight Games rules, I have started three separate games utilizing each core rulebook, Force and Destiny, Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion. While each of these games stands alone, they are connected. Events that transpire in one game can have a direct impact on another. Major events in the story revolve around player actions. All games that I run take place in the same universe, part of the same campaign. My goal is to empower the players and have them help me shape the landscape of this Star Wars universe.

I created this ObsidianPortal site as my official information hub for my shared Star Wars universe. A way for me to maintain these games and document everything that players in games take part in as well as hopefully provide information to players and maybe just friends who are interested in reading along.

Star Wars

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